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A look to the future in an international perspective.
Our purpose is to diversify and bring together different sites in Asia and the rest of the world.

Custom manufacturing

Probably at some point you have considered outsourcing production or manufacturing products in the east under your own brand. We put at your disposal our team to help you.


We manage our clients’ imports, promoting a safe operation, manufacturing control, quality inspection and customs control at origin.


Our network created during more than 10 years of work, allows us to help you in the introduction of your product in the old east and to work with total security.

Quality control

Before launching a product on the market, it may be necessary to inspect the quality of the product. Avoiding inconveniences in advance.

Manufacturing control

Incomprehensible delays that break your supply chain. Concern about any import schedule.
We will avoid all this.

Conformity test

Your products may require certifications and tests to ensure their legal compliance to be introduced in another country. We will help you with the process.

It is time to work together.


About Us.

In recent years, we have improved our manufacturing service. Now, we are able to produce under our own brand.

We understand the global market as a wealth of opportunities that opens borders. Our experience shows that this is the most effective way for companies to grow. Now we also help you connecting with these markets, either to buy products or to import them into other countries.

With the passage of time, diversification, perseverance and performance, they have become a consolidated group with a diversity of growing business areas. In 2021, the SHANGLI DONSAN group reformulates its vision, taking a step forward with the objective of creating a range of differentiated services and market possibilities.

A decade of global development that confers experience and professionalism.


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